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Embedded software developer by day, indie game developer by night.


Mipe3D is a 3d rendering engine I started programming in 2019. The current features of the engine include

  • a resource manager that automatically loads all the materials and models and gives the client code an easy access to them,
  • a render system that takes care of creating and managing all the renderable objects and
  • a simple input system for controlling the scene.
Tech C++, OpenGL, GLSL, SDL2, GLEW
Tools Gimp, Blender
Download Coming soon...
Source github.com

Planet A18 & Tile2D

Tile2D is a game engine I started programming back in 2014. The focus was in learning how to write custom game engine subsystems like a physics engine from scratch.

I also made a game titled Planet A18 on top of Tile2D, which got the fourth place in the Assembly Game Dev competition '18.

Tech C++, OpenGL, SDL2
Tools Gimp, Spine, Affinity Designer, Logic Pro X, Audacity
Download itch.io
Source github.com

Game jams

I've taken part in quite a few game jams over the years. I think it's fun and it also improves your overall game development skills. You can download my games at https://mipelius.itch.io.